Best Closing Gifts 20 Best Realtor Closing Gift Ideas Under 100.00

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20 Best Realtor Closing Gift Ideas Under $100.00

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We have gathered together our favorite broker housewarming thank you gifts. This list of the Best Realtor Closing Gift Ideas Under $100.00 is organized by popularity of category so whether you are looking for the prefect home decor accent or sweets and treats basket, we have you covered. There are gifts for individuals, couples, and even the whole family!  All the gifts have been hand selected to reflect high quality products with lovely presentation designed to impress and delight your real estate clients. Plus, with great packaging, there is even less to do on your end when the gifting time comes.  These are only a few of the many gifts available. If you don't find something you like, feel free to email us and we are sure we can help you find the perfect something for your special client!

Ordering any of these Best Realtor Closing Gift Ideas Under $100.00 is simple –  just click on the picture or click here link to order a product!

Best Realtor Closing Gift Ideas Under $100.00

1. Entertaining Indoors Closing Gift Ideas

Elegant Serving Tray 

Personalized Handcrafted Serving Tray

Click Here to Order a Personalized Handcrafted Serving Tray | More Mariposa Trays

Waterford Crystal!

While these elegant pieces look expensive, they actually range from $50.00 – $100.00, making them an affordable gift with a big impact your clients will treasure for years to come.

Marquis Waterford Housewarming Realtor Closing Gifts.

Click Here to Order Marquis by Waterford Entertaining Gifts 

Cheese and Cracker Boards

Cheese Board Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order Cheese Boards & Cutting Board | More Cutting Board Gifts 

Stone Trivets & Coasters 

Personalized Slate Coasters Realtor Closing Housewarming Gifts

We really like these personalized slate coasters too. Made of solid slate stone, these smooth coasters are perfect for wine glasses, mason jars or any place where special countertops and tables need protection from water rings. Velvet backing prevents any scratches to surfaces, while complimentary monogramming elevates this gift's elegance quotient, creating a perfect housewarming or realtor thank you gift.

Click Here to Personalized Slate Coasters 

Stone Trivets Coasters Realtor Closing Housewarming Gifts

Today we happened upon these stone Trivets & Coasters that are very affordable when bought individually or can create the ultimate WOW gift when bundled together. If you are bundling the trivets & the coasters or even just buying more than one coaster, be sure to have them delivered to your office so you can tie them together with a lovely ribbon.  Remember when business gifting, presentation counts!

Click Here to Order a Custom Stone Trivet | Click Here to Order Custom Stone Coasters 

2. House-warming Gift Baskets

This may be our favorite gift of the bunch. A colonial-style house gift box opens to reveal a set of household essentials such as hand tools, a flashlight, a first aid kit and more. With your own message printed on the gift box, this is the perfect gift to thank clients for placing their time and trust in your hands. Even better, you can stock up on them and leave it on the counter closing day.

Household Essential Realtor Closing Housewarming Gift

Click Here to Order a Happy Household Essentials Kit  | First Night Home Gift 

Housewarming Gift Basket Realtor Closing

Click Here to Order a Hearty Hospitality or Move-In Special Housewarming Gift Basket 

3. Wine Realtor Closing Gifts

Same idea as the above – these gifts never go bad. Buy in bulk and have them readily available next time you close a deal.

Wine Duet Housewarming Real Estate Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Wine Duet Gift Box

No Place Like Home Engraved Wine Crate Realtor Closing Housewarming Gift

Click Here to Order No Place Like Home Engraved Wine Crate 

We are obsessed with these home sweet home personalized etched wine bottles. Choose between Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Champagne or upgrade to the reserved vintages of the same.

Welcome Home Etched Wine Housewarming Realtor Closing Gifts

Click Here to Order Your Bottle of New Home Etched Wine

4. Champagne Realtor Closing Gifts

Champagne and Glasses Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order Champagne Gift Box with Flutes or Couture Champagne Gift Box

5. Make An Entrance

Welcome Doormats Housewarming Realtor Closing Gifts

The reviews are almost universally positive about these Personalization Mall’s doormats. And everyone needs a fresh doormat when they buy a new house! Stick with one of the more classic and elegant monogram designs unless you know the client very, very well and knew they would prefer something a bit more casual.

Click Here to Order a Welcome Doormat | More Welcome Doormats | And Even More Doormats

Custom Door Knockers

Looking for a unique gift that will last a lifetime?  Think custom door knockers. Your client can even bring it with them next time they move.

Custom Door Knockers Realtor Closing Housewarming Gift

Click here to Order Custom Door Knockers

Dried Flower Wreaths

We love these wreaths because they are made of dried flowers so they involve little upkeep and are made to last. Plus, they are just the perfect touch to let the neighborhood know their new neighbors have arrived.

Farmers Market Housewarming Realtor Closing Wreath Gift

Click Here to Order a Farmer's Market WreathOlive and Ribbon Wreath

6. Home Decor Realtor Closing Gifts

Wall Art

Sometimes, you want just a little something to welcome your client to their new home. And as we repeatedly say to our little ones, use your words! Both of these gifts are proving to be quite popular.

Take a Deep Breath You're Home Now Sign Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Take a Deep Breath, You're Home Now Ceramic Wall Plaques 

Family Rustic Sign Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

We also love these rustic hand crafted personalized signs by the SophisticatedHilBily. Think lake and mountain and country homes and the client who loves today's very popular modern industrial style!

Click Here to Order a Personalized Family Rustic Signs 

Fragrance & Candles

These candles come in such great packaging, that they almost do all of the work for you!

Nest Bamboo Candle Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Buy a Nest Fragrance Candle

Diptyque Set of 3 Candles Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Set of 3 Votive Candles

And don't forget the matches!

These wooden boxes come in a variety of shapes and colors and make a stunning addition to any home. Plus, they can keep the box and just refill the matches as needed.

Wooden Matchbox Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Wooden Matchbox with Matches

7.  Coffee and Tea Lovers Realtor Closing Gift Ideas

Coffee Real Estate Closing Gift Housewarming Crate

We love this gift crate because it also comes with a french press, which makes those mornings at home extra special.

Click Here to Order Coffee French Press Gift Crate

Realtor Closing Housewarming Gift Box

This gift arrives beautifully packaged with a handwritten note!

Click Here to Order a Housewarming Gift Box

Tea Forte Tea Chest

Click Here to Order a Tea Forte Tea Chest 

Classic Whistling Kettle Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift  Glass French Press

Not all tea kettles and French presses are created equal. This glass French press is stunning in its simplicity and the classic whistling tea kettle comes in enough colors to coordinate with most kitchen decors.

Click Here to Order a Classic Whistling Kettle | Click Here to Order a Glass French Press

8. Sweets And Treats Closing Gift Ideas

BREAKFAST! It is hard to think of anything more thoughtful than to have breakfast ready and waiting on your clients' first mornings in their new homes! These Seven Sisters Scones get rave reviews (including their gluten-free scones)!

Seven Sisters Scones Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order Scones

We are obsessed with these boxes from Each is filled with small-batch products from purveyors worldwide so you know it is quality.

Cheesy Gift Box Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Cheesy Gift Box

Milk Bar Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Ever gotten that cookie bouquet that looked great but tasted  so-so? These sweets taste as good as they look making them the perfect closing gift.

Click Here to Order a Milk Bar Gift Sampler

Yummy Treats Hamper Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Fortnum & Mason's Mini Huntsman hamper offers an assortment of Piccadilly favorites, including a trio of preserves, three signature teas and buttery honey shortbread, all beautifully packaged and ready for enjoying.

Click Here to Order a Fortnum & Mason Mini Huntsman Hamper

9. Elegant Bar Essentials

Whether your clients are mixing up a manhattan or pouring a glass of wine, the elegance of these tools is sure to add the perfect touch of sophistication to any home bar. Distinguished and durable, these elegant sets are a timeless gift, and the perfect addition to home entertaining.

Copper Bar Tool Housewarming Realtor Gift Set

Click Here to Order a Copper Bar Tool Set

Personalized Wine Serving Tray Housewarming Realestate Gift

This is one of those oh wow gifts. It makes entertaining so much easier!

Click Here to Order a Personalized Wine Serving Tray

Engraved Wine Tool Set Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here To Order a Stainless Steel Engraved Wine Tool Set

10. Entertaining Outdoors Closing Gifts

Personalized Stainless Steel Tub

A housewarming favorite, this stainless steel tub has so many uses.

Click Here to Order a Personalized Stainless Steel Tub 

Beverage Dispenser Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Beverage Dispenser 

11. Fine Dining Delivered!

Grill Night

Right now, we are obsessed Snake River Farms. It is our go to gift for not only closing gifts but birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday gifts, too.

Don't forget the Steak Knives!

We are loving the idea of stocking up on customized (but not personalized) steak knives or BBQ sets. We know many people think that all marketing ought to have your have your name on it, but since these are gifts, we think that in the long run, your clients will appreciate it more if you do not put your logo on the box. Instead tape or glue your card to the bottom of the wooden box. These boxes must be ordered in bulk with a minimum of 5 for the steak knives and 12 for the BBQ set. And for both, the price goes down significantly, the more you order.

Personalized Laguiole 6 Piece Array Steak Knife Set

Click Here to Order Steak Knives

Home is Where the BBQ Is 5 Piece Bamboo BBQ Set

Click Here to Order 5 Piece BBQ Sets

Fresh from the Sea

Not in the mood for red meat? We love Lobster Anywhere's selection of seafood from chowders to scallops and, of course, lobsters. They have wonderful reviews and ship anywhere. Perfect for any occasion.

Lobster Dinner Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Lobster Dinner

12. Gardening Realtor Closing Gifts

Gardening Tool Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

This gardening tool set even comes with a foldable chair.

Click Here to Order a Gardening Seat and Tool Kit 

Seed Starter Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

And don't forget to get them started! We love this kit because the veggies can start growing within the bag, and they also come with detailed instructions.

Click Here To Order a Seed Starter Kit

Galvanized Garden Personalized Watering Can

Loving this personalized watering can especially for the client who really bought the house for the garden!

Click Here to Order a Galvanized Garden Personalized Watering Can

13. House Portraits

Custom House Portrait Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Just upload a picture of the house on, and they will do the rest. Several framing options are available. In the end, your client will get a beautiful one-of-a-kind drawing of their new special home.

Click Here to Order a Framed Custom House Portrait 

Custom Watercolor Home Portrait

These portraits can also be done in watercolor!

Click Here to Order a Custom Watercolor Home Portrait

Watercolor House Print On Wood

Or is it a rustic home? Try one of these prints on wood then.

Click Here to Order a Watercolor House Print On Wood 

14. Kitchen Clean Up Made Chic

Oh So Chic Dish Washing Kit

Click Here to Order a Oh So Chic Dish Washing Kit

Kitchen Chic Hand Soap and Dish Soap Dispensers

Now add dish and hand soap containers. And a beautiful wooden tray and a hand lotion bottle to complete the look!

Click Here to Order a Dish Washing Kit & Dish & Hand Soap Dispensers 

15. In Home Spa Gifts

Claus Porto Mini Soaps Housewarming Realtor Closing Gifts

These days, washing your hands is no longer a suggestion but a mandate. Make it fun and chic with these eccentric soaps.

Click Here to Order Claus Porto Mini Soap Box

Complete Spa Kit

Click Here to Order A Complete Spa Kit 

16. Unique & Special Realtor Closing Gift Ideas

Custom Embossers

This custom embosser from ThePrintMint will make the little things like paying bills, sending address changes, and mailing birthday wishes to friends and loved ones so much easier for your clients, they will thank you over and over again. This really is the perfect housewarming gift!

Click Here to Order Self Inking Stamps & EmbossersMore Custom Address Stamps 

Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses 

Refresh Glass actively partners with the community to divert thousands of wine bottles every week that would have otherwise been thrown away, working towards their 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission. Once collected they then transform the bottles into fun and functional glassware with a very industrial modern trendy aesthetic.

Click Here to Order Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses 

May You Be Blessed Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

This beautiful gift book is not about religious beliefs – it is about joy, gratitude, appreciation, kindness and love. May You Be Blessed is filled with inspiring stories, beautiful photographs, and life changing insights, the perfect sentiments for a fresh start in a new home!

Click Here to Order May You Be Blessed

17. Family Game Night Gifts

Play Time! 

Cribbage Board with a Map of Your Favorite City Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order Cribbage Board with a Map of Your Favorite City

Custom Hometown Map Puzzle Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

We are loving this personalized hometown map puzzle. You just provide your client's new street address, city, state and zip code and they does the rest! What a fun way for a family to take a break together while settling into their new neighborhood.

Click Here to Order a Hometown Puzzle Map 

Create Your Own Home Jigsaw Puzzles

Or use the listing photos to create a jigsaw puzzle with an image of your client's new home! The bigger the puzzle the better.

Click Here to Order a My Home Jigsaw Puzzle

Monopoly Glass Edition Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

So chic! So fun!

Click Here to Order Monopoly, Glass Edition

Pendleton Chess and Checkers Set housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

This chess and checkers set is cozy, fun, and transportable. The family can play it all over the house and even take it on vacation.

Click here to Order a Chess and Checkers Set

18. Gift Baskets that Give Back

Recently, our friends over at GreatGets introduced us to GlobeIn, a wonderful company whose mission is to “deliver joy by empowering and connecting remarkable, remote artisans to mindful customers.” More specifically GlobeIn features products sourced from direct relationships with global artisans. From Mexican woven baskets to Ghanaian coasters, each handcrafted good they share with you is remarkably distinct and so very worthy of gifting.

Dine Box Housewarming Gift

Click Here to Order GlobeIn Artisan Baskets

19. Amazon Gift Card & Prime Membership

Amazon Gift Cards Housewarming Realtor Gifts

An Amazon gift card, whether delivered thru the mail in a lovely congratulations gift box, a thank you card, or via email, is always appreciated!. Your clients can use their cards for home improvements (yes, Amazon carries everything from faucet fixtures and ceiling tiles, to gardening supplies, housewares and home decor) or for  birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts, or even for everyday essentials like diapers and groceries – all delivered Free with an Amazon Prime membership. Gift Cards – Congratulations In a Gift Box – Free One-Day Shipping 

20. Luxury Realtor Closing Gift Ideas

Best Luxury Realtor Closing Gifts Over 100

Click Here to Explore the Best Realtor Closing Gift Ideas Over $100!

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way!


One of the most thoughtful gifts a realtor can give is a practical one!

Click here to book a no-obligation appointment for your client at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

20 Best Realtor Closing Gift Ideas Under $100.00 RECG

Summary: We have gathered together 20 of our favorite broker housewarming thank you gifts that will be sure to impress and delight your real estate clients. There are treats for individuals, couples, and the whole family! All the gifts have been hand selected to reflect high quality products with lovely presentation.


Best Realtor Gifts!

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  1. Steven says:

    Great list! You should add GlobeIn’s hand-made, fair-trade gift baskets They’re perfect for decorating a new home, and they empower artisans around the world with a fair wage.

  2. I love your site! I noticed that you don’t have any personalized wooden carved signs listed. Our company, Benchmark Signs and Gifts, makes a variety of custom wooden carved signs! We work with many realtors all over the United States and have been told time and time again how our much clients love our signs. Check out our products ~ we would love to be included on your site!

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  4. Ron Faubion says:

    Welcome Pillows is a growing Realtor gift company offering decorative pillows personalized with the new home owner’s name, address, date, etc. On the backside there’s a tag sewn on with the Realtor’s contact information and personal note.

    • RECG says:

      Hi Ron!
      Thank you for your great recommendation. We love your Welcome Pillows and are adding them to our list of best gifting ideas today!

  5. Bill D. says:

    A lot of us in Los Angeles give Sweet Boxes as a gift. The Sweet Box is a dessert baking kit company. Gifts are less than $30 and our clients LOVE them. These are perfect whether your client can bake or not. Everyone loves making their new home smell like fresh desserts. The Sweet Box

    We used to give laundry baskets filled with soaps and such, but that never really impressed anyone. 😉

    • RECG says:

      Hi Bill!
      Thank you for that great recommendation. We are adding The Sweet Box to our list of best gifting ideas today.

  6. Candie Jennings says:

    Gift of membership at Costco Wholesale

  7. Dennis says:

    Woven Real Estate Blankets are the perfect closing gift. I have found only one company doing this and it was the really the best find/gift idea. Simply Google: Real Estate Blankets. They are true woven keepsakes and only cost about $60 delivered!

    The reason I like them is due to the lasting value that stays with the family for many years. It is a high quality, high value, unique closing gift.

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  10. Josie McHale says:

    I just love love love your closing gift ideas! I especially love it when you put a picture right along beside your recommendations so one can visually see what it looks like then picture it in your mind how you want to put together something similar or exact. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Ben Jones says:

    Loved the gift ideas.

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