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A Birdhouse for Their New House


Featured Birdhouse >> Mid Century Modern Birdhouse Designed and Built by Sourgrassbuilt

We have turned the clocks forward and spring is in the air. Our current obsession is gifting gorgeous birdhouses for our clients' new homes.  The good news is that there are so many birdhouse styles you can undoubtedly find something for everyone. Prices range depending on the size, details, and customization of each particular birdhouse. We especially love the uniqueness of this gifting idea.

We just featured this fabulous Pottery Barn Kingsgate Cottage Birdhouse on Instagram but keep scrolling down until you find the perfect style for your client. Generally, we suggest stocking up on gifts but this gift truly is personal, timeless, and close to forever.

New Home Bird House Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Kingsgate Cottage

A Birdhouse for Their New House

Custom Made Birdhouse Replica of Your Client's Home

We might as well start with the most amazing birdhouse closing gift we could possibly imagine, a custom made replica of your client's home from Etsy seller BirdhomesandGardens. And of course, it comes with a corresponding price tag starting at $425.00. Even if this is way above your budget, they are definitely worth a peek. A realtor can always dream.

Home Replica Birdhouses Housewarming and Realtor Closing Gifts

Custom Made Replica of Your Client's Home

The good news is that BirdhomesandGardens also builds a “starter shack” for just $125.00. And truthfully, we like it almost as much, especially if you happen to represent lots of clients looking for starter homes and are avid golfers.

The " STARTER SHACK " Birdhouse


More Birdhouses

Not all birdhouses cost a fortune. You can order budget friendly birdhouses for as low as $18.99! Plus, since these bird homes are not meant to be customized, you can actually stock up on them so they will be ready to gift should you be so lucky as to have a short escrow!

Birdhouses for New Houses Housewarming Realtor Closing Gifts

Birdhouses for New Houzzes

For more contemporary tastes, this clear acrylic house-shaped bird feeder featured on Party Idea Pros is just $25.00 and is so perfect for up-close bird watching. And again, you can buy these houses in bulk to keep on your gifting shelf.

Clear Acrylic Birdhouse and Feeder

Clear Acrylic Feeder & House

Pre-wrap your gifts using new home or birdhouse-themed wrapping paper

New Home Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper >> New Home | Bird Homes

Bundle with Birdhouse Moving Announcements

Again we must give credit to our friends over at Party Idea Pros. We love the concept of bundling your birdhouse with matching moving announcements.

Birdhouse Moving Announcements

We Moved Announcements
Birdhouse Moving Announcements

Moving Announcements

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way!

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