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Gift a Romantic Dinner for 2

Gift a Romantic Dinner for 2


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we have romance on the mind.  Truthfully, we cannot think of a more thoughtful gift than gifting a couple a quiet, romantic dinner for 2 as a celebration of new beginnings in their new home. We found this idea on suggesting giving the gift of five star dining with this mouthwatering spread of surf, turf, and delicious coastal cuisines! Rather than spending hours rushing around town searching for all the right ingredients, order this feast to be delivered to your clients' front door.  All they will need to do is season and broil the steaks and warm everything else up. Detailed preparation instructions are included.

♥ Gift a Romantic Dinner for 2 

Order Your Filet Feast & Maine Lobster Tails Dinner Gift Today!


American Wagyu Ribeye Filet Surf and Turf

We also love everything Snake River Farms and just discovered they too are now offering a delicious surf and turf option.

Bring home Surf and Turf, the epicurean feast created during the golden age of steakhouses. Grace your table with a plate glowing with an American Wagyu ribeye filet and 6 to 7 oz. Maine lobster tails. Each box contains two ribeye filets and lobster tails – enough for you and your favorite gourmand.

Order Your American Wagyu Ribeye Filet Surf and Turf Today!

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One more thought – we know real estate professionals are extraordinarily busy. So why not treat yourself and your sweetheart to the same treatment you offer your clients. Order yourself a Filet Feast & Maine Lobster Tails Dinner, pretty yourself up and set a romantic table >> Valentine's Day is the day to show off your fine china and definitely do not forget the flowers, candles, champagne & chocolates!

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way!

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