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20 Best Realtor Closing Gifts Over $100.00


This list of the Best Luxury Realtor Closing Gifts Over $100.00 takes over where our Best Realtor Closing Gifts Ideas under $100 leaves off.  All of these gifts have been hand selected to reflect high quality products with lovely presentation designed to impress and delight your real estate clients.  They range from your traditional champagne and wine gifts to modernly designed family games to elegant home office essentials. Still, these are only a few of the many gifts available.  If you don’t find something you like, feel free to email us and we are sure we can help you find the perfect something for your special client!

Ordering any of these luxurious Realtor Closing Gifts Over $100.00 is simple –  just click on the picture or click here link to order a product!

20 Best Realtor Closing Gifts Over $100.00 

1. Pop The Champagne

Champagne and Flutes Gift Set, Realtor Closing Gift Ideas Over $100.00

Send along your congratulatory wishes with this gift of your choice of premium champagnes, along with two genuine crystal champagne flutes.

Click Here to Order a Champagne and Flutes Gift Set

Champagne and Confections, Realtor Closing Gift Ideas Over $100.00

Click Here to Order Champagne and Confections

Dom Perignon Wine Chiller Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Simply elegant – a sought after bottle of Dom Perignon arrives in a stainless steel hammered polished chiller.

Click Here to Order a Luxury Wine Chiller with Dom Perignon 

2. Stunning Stationery and Office Gifts

Two Piece Letter Opener and Magnifying Glass Set Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Two-Piece Letter Opener & Magnifying Glass Set

Smythson Managerie set of 6 textured leather notebooks housewarming realtor closing gift

There is nothing like a Smythson notebook. Crafted from the highest quality leather, it embodies British excellence and elegance.  This set comes with six notebooks in three colors – each stamped with a different animal in gold. And the designer-stamped presentation box will look great on your client's bookshelf or desk.

Click Here to Order a Leather Bound Notebook Set

3. Gift of Music

With the resurgence of vinyl records and mid-century design trends, we think any one of these turntables could make a fun an unique gift!

Crosley Turntable Vinyl Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Retro Turntable

Marshall Bluetooth Home Speaker Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Complete the look with a vintage-inspired speaker. Bluetooth enabled? Portable? Elegant design? This speaker is sure to check all of your client's boxes.

Click Here to Order a Marshall Bluetooth Home Speaker

4. House Plants and Flowers

Dried Flower Bouquet Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but they can die so quickly leaving many to wonder why they spent so much money on them. That is why we are obsessed with dried flowers right now. Not only are they stunning, but they last forever and require minimal maintenance.

Click Here to Order a Dried Flower Bouquet (Vase Included!)

Alternatively order a gorgeous potted orchid that can quite possibly last a lifetime!

Regal Orchid Real Estate Client Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Regal Orchid

Copper Watering Can Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

And if your clients do have a green thumb, we love this stunning watering can. It is made of gleaming copper-plated stainless steel that will turn a lovely antique color with time and use, in or out of the garden.

Click Here to Order a Copper Watering Can

5. Home Portraits

Custom House Portrait Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

These original watercolor house portraits are not only so personalized, they are beautiful works of art. We love this vendor specifically because they also offer mounting options so no need to think about framing on its own.

Click Here to Order an Original Watercolor Painting of Home

Home Portraits Realtor Closing Housewarming Gifts

Different artists offer different styles. We follow The Inked Leaf on Instagram and was thrilled to discover she too creates lovely home portraits for realtors. We especially like that realtors always get a 10% discount on home portrait closing gifts with code REALTOR10.

Click Here to Order a Home Portrait from The Inked Leaf

Custom Hand Painted Wooden House Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Or maybe your clients prefer sculpture to print? These custom wooden houses are hand painted and would make a great addition to any home.

Click Here to Order a Custom Hand Painted Wooden House

6. Elegant Candlesticks

Waterford Crystal Candlesticks Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Anything Waterford always makes for a beautiful housewarming present. These Lismore candlesticks will light up your client's home for many years to come. Be sure to order these gift wrapped!

Click Here to Order Waterford Lismore Candlesticks 

Silver Candlesticks Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order Stainless Steel Candlesticks 

7. Gourmet Gift Baskets 

Do not be too quick to dismiss the traditional gift basket.  There are so many options and today many arrive in interesting keepsake containers.  Some include wine others are brimming with gourmet with edibles.  Whatever you choose, you will know it is a WOW gift and your clients will remember for always.

Fit For Royalty Gourmet Snack Basket Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Fit For A King Gourmet Gift Basket 

Country Estate Wine Food Gift Basket Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Country Estate Basket | Click Here to Order a Design It Yourself Gourmet Gift Basket

8. Mixologist Toolkits

Add some chicness to the bar with these luxurious tools and cocktail add-ons. They are so well designed that your clients will want to leave them out instead of storing them away.

Bar Tool Set With Cocktail Shaker

Click Here to Order a Mixologist Toolkit

Complete Home Bar Set

This set comes in a fabulous wooden box that will become a mainstay on any bar counter.

Click Here to Order a Complete Home Bar Set

Bourbon Kit Gift for Dad

And we love this kit which contains all the fixings for the best bourbon.

Click Here to Order a Bourbon Kit

9. Usable Art

Handwoven Merino Wool Throw Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

These blankets are not only all woven from the most luxe Merino wool but each one is hand-felted to create abstract shapes that’ll pair well with interior decor of all stripes. Handmade by a woman’s cooperative in Uruguay, they'll be keeping warm in good conscience this season.

Click Here to Order a Handmade Merino Wool Abstract Throw

HAY Brass Table Lamp Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

The table lamp gets its modern looks from a brass-polished steel wire base, plus a pleated cotton diffuser that comes in lots of lovely shades. It lets you pick just-the-right ambience, too, all thanks to the dimmable LED light.

Click Here to Order a Brass Table Lamp

Luxury Match Brass Striker Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

What looks like a cylindrical container from far away is actually a chic match holder that does triple duty as a striking surface and an objet d’art.

Click Here to Order a Match Brass Striker

10. Fireplace Tool Set

This gift is especially personal for us.  Every time we buy a house, we end up having to buy new fireplace tools because we leave our tools for the person who bought our house but our seller never leaves their tools.  So to avoid silly resentments, treat your buyer to a beautiful new set of fireplace tools.  We promise, your clients will be grateful and will always remember your thoughtfulness.

Industrial Fireplace Tool Set Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Fireplace Tool Set 

11. Kitchen Counter Ready

With these elegantly designed and functional appliances, the kitchen counter will look restaurant-quality.

Toaster Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here To Order a Smeg Retro Toaster

Ceramic Storage Canisters Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order Ceramic Storage Canisters 

Staub Kettle Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

We are so obsessed with this kettle that we even bought it for our own homes! Not only is it so elegantly designed, but so useful for more than just tea. Since it is cast iron, you can also use it to heat up soups and sauces. Your client is sure to enjoy!

Click Here to Order a Staub Kettle

Butterfly Stainless Steel Tea Pot Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Butterfly Stainless Steel Tea Pot 

12. PLAY!

They say the family who plays together stays together.  Gift your clients luxury versions of your favorite games. Not only will you be in the front of their mind whenever they play, you will be helping them to make wonderful memories in their new home!

Scrabble Luxury Edition Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order Scrabble The Luxury Edition

Leather Tic Tac Toe Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Leather Tic Tac Toe Game


You just provide your client's new street address, city, state and zip code and Future Memories does the rest! What a fun way for a family to take a break together while settling into their new neighborhood.

Heirloom Wooden Map Puzzle Realtor Closing Housewarming Gift

Click Here to Order a Personalized Heirloom Wooden Map Puzzle

13. Vintage-Inspired Necessities  

Marble Mortar and Pestle Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Marble Mortar & Pestle

Cookbook Brass Stand Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

No matter how many recipes you can find online, there is something comforting about opening up a cookbook and testing out whatever recipe you happen to flip to. Make this experience elegant and easier for your clients with a gold stand that will prop their book up for easy reading.

Click Here to Order a Cookbook and Gold Stand

14. Pamper Your Clients

Chunky Knit Blanket Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

How cozy does this blanket look?!

Click here to order a Chunky Knit Blanket

Designer Candle Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

People love candles not only for their scent but also their incredible packaging. This candle not only smells good but with its tin container and marble lid, it can stay on display even after the wick has run down.

Click Here to Order A Royalty Candle

For the ultimate pampering gift …

Spafinder Wellness365 Gift Card Realtor Closing Housewarming Gift, Best Spa Gifts

These Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards are the world's best selling spa & wellness gift cards.  The cards NEVER expires and is good at 20,00 locations. Email, Print or Mail your Gift Card – this company makes gifting health & wellness easy!

Click Here to Order a Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards 

15. Fine Dining!

Give the gift of five star dining within the comfort of your client's new home with this mouthwatering spread of surf, turf, and delicious coastal cuisines!

From the Land

Dry Aged Sampler Snake River Farms Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Premium Dry Aged Assortment

From the Sea

Maine Fresh Seafood Dinner Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Maine Fresh Catch Dinner

16. Wine Club Subscription

Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Stay top-of-mind with your best real estate clients by sending a monthly or quarterly wine gift. We have researched all the wine clubs pretty thoroughly and our favorites are featured here.

Macy's Wine Cellar

Click Here to Order The California Wine Club's Subscription Series

17. For the Wine Connoisseur

Luxury Wine Caddy Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

When you aim to make a big impact on your very best clients, this is the perfect gift!  You get to choose from an amazing selection of highly rated wines each delivered in a striking “wine caddy” presentation along with drip ring, stopper, pour spout, and wine key.

Click Here to Order a Luxury Wine Caddy Gift Set

Riedel Paloma Wine Decanter

Derived from the Spanish word for dove, impress any wine lover with this long and delicate crystal decanter.

Click Here to Order a Riedel Paloma Wine Decanter 

16 Bottle Wine Cellar Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a 16 Bottle Wine Cellar

18. For the Backyard BBQ

How many times have you walked clients through a house and they like it, but it is when you check out the backyard that they are really sold on the property. And how many times have you heard, “I can really picture myself entertaining guests  and barbecuing out here.” Well this is your chance to make our client's dreams come true.  Gift them a BBQ or its accoutrements.

Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Click Here to Order a Charcoal Grill

Outdoor Pizza Oven Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift

Pizza party! This outdoor pizza oven is super easy to use and the end result will be far superior to any traditional oven version.

Click Here to Order an Outdoor Pizza Oven

19. Copper Fire Pit

Imagine the family and guests all cozy around the fire…

Solid Hammered Copper Fire Pit With Lid Converts To Table

Click Here to Order a Copper Fire Pit

20. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Cards - Housewarming Realtor Thank You Gifts

An Amazon gift card, whether delivered thru the mail in a lovely congratulations gift box, a thank you card, or via email, is always appreciated!. Your clients can use their cards for home improvements (yes, Amazon carries everything from faucet fixtures and ceiling tiles, to gardening supplies, housewares and home decor) or for  birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts, or even for everyday essentials like diapers and groceries – all delivered Free with an Amazon Prime membership.

Click Below to Order Your Amazon Gift Card Now! Gift Cards – Congratulations In a Gift Box – Free One-Day Shipping (available in denominations of $50.00, $75.00, and $100. up through $500.00 )

A Little Thanks Goes A Long Way!


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