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Chicagoland Realty Services Client Housewarming Gifts

Chicagoland Realty Service Recommended Gift List


We have gathered together 20 of our favorite broker housewarming thank you gifts especially for Chicagoland Realty Services.  The gifts are organized from least expensive to most expensive and range from sweet cookie treats to celebratory champagne toasts to spa baskets and little somethings for your clients' four legged friends.  There are treats for individuals, couples, and the whole family!  All the gifts have been hand selected to reflect high quality products with lovely presentation designed to impress and delight your real estate clients.  These are only a few of the many gifts available.  If you don't find something you like, feel free to email us and we are sure we can help you find the perfect something for your special client! Please Note: The shipping and tax costs will vary depending on the recipient's location.

Ordering is simple –  just click on the picture or click here link to order a product!

1. A Little Something Sweet!

One Dozen Delicious Cookies - Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

This is a gift that is doubly fun to open and enjoy! This two-box tower holds one dozen delicious cookies that are sure to delight your clients' whole family!

Gift Includes:

  • One dozen fresh-baked cookies in classic flavors such as Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, or Oatmeal Raisin.


  • All cookies are individually wrapped to ensure freshness
  • Only the finest in premium ingredients are used in the baking process such as Guittard Chocolate and natural sea salt
  • Gift is packaged in two exclusively designed gift boxes stacked together to make a tower.
  • Gift arrives decorated with a beautiful hand-tied satin ribbon.

Gift Cost: $19.95  + Standard Shipping: $7.95 = Total Cost $27.90   

Click Here to Order a Double Delight Tower with One Dozen Cookies

2. Spiritual Gift

Inspirational Book, May You Be Blessed, Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

This beautiful gift book is not about religious beliefs – it is about joy, gratitude, appreciation, kindness and love. May You Be Blessed is filled with inspiring stories, beautiful photographs, and life changing insights, the perfect sentiments for a fresh start in a new home!

Gift Cost: $15.95  + Silver Gift Box: $5.00 + Standard Shipping: $8.14 + Tax: $2.18= Total Cost $31.27 

Click Here to Order May You Be Blessed

5. Dog and Cat Lover Gifts

Pampered Pet Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

Loyal clients and their families should always be pampered … especially if the the favorite child happens to have four legs. These fun Pampered Dog  & Cat Gift Stacks arrive complete with high-quality products, like delicious gourmet cookies, sweet doughnuts, and a bright chew toy, everything needed to spoil your client's favorite pup!

Dog Stack Contents

  • Peanut Butter Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits by Cloud Star – 8 oz – All-natural vegetarian biscuits that are made with sweet, gooey peanut butter and free of corn, soy, sugar, and salt.
  • Celestial Smiles Toy by Zanies – An incredibly soft sun-shaped berber toy that dogs love to cuddle and chew.
  • Doggie Doughnuts by Pawsitively Gourmet – 2.5 oz. – Delicious donut treats that are expertly baked and decorated by hand with creamy yogurt and topped with sprinkles.
  • Taxi's Dog Bakery Cookie Tray – 16 pc. –  Crisp gourmet cookies that are created with all-natural, human-grade ingredients.

Cat Stack Contents

  • Skedaddles by Zanies – This soft, plush toy skitters across the floor with the pull of a string, daring even the quickest of cats to catch it.
  • Zanies Tweety Tumblers Display – A plush tumbler that contains a tweeting sound chip, which cats are said to go a little crazy for.
  • Guardian Gear Laser Pointer Exercise Beam – This laser beam ensures hours of entertainment and exercise for even the laziest cat.
  • Freeze Dried Turkey by Whole Life – 1 oz. – Guaranteed to please even the fussiest felines, these treats of all-natural, boneless turkey are made with no chemicals, additives, or preservatives.
  • Feline Greenies Savory Salmon Cat Treats – 3 oz. – Helping cats fight unpleasant tastes, these delicious salmon treats are scientifically formulated and clinically proven to reduce plaque and tarter build up.

Gift Cost: $29.99 + Standard Shipping: $10.25 = Total Cost $40.24

save 10% by using promo code GIFTS10 = $37.24

Click here to Order a Pampered Dog Gift Stack

Click here to Order a Pampered Cat Gift Stack

3. Coffee Lovers Gift

Coffee Break Gift Set

We love this Coffee Break Gift Set.  GiftTree sent us a complimentary coffee set to review a while back and truthfully we couldn't say enough positives about it.  All the contents are delicious and unwrapping the package box by box was so much fun.   Do we recommend this as a housewarming gift?  Absolutely!

Gift Contents

  • Ceramic Bistro Mug. What better way to enjoy a fresh brewed cup coffee than a new white mug! Holds a generous 16 ounces.
  • Berardi's House Blend Coffee. A pleasing fresh roasted coffee blended from the finest beans available. Makes one pot. 2 oz
  • Merlino Black & White Cookie. Hand-decorated in black and white icing, these classic sugar cookies are the perfect companion to a cup of coffe. Individually wrapped. 3 oz
  • Snickerdoodle Cookies. Everyone's childhood favorite cookie. The cookies are crackly on the outside and creamy on the inside. Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. 2 oz
  • Seattle Milk Chocolate Espresso Truffles. Individually-wrapped, rich and delicious truffles made with real espresso and a blend of milk and dark chocolates. 15 included. .34 oz ea
  • Tuxedo Beans. White and black jelly beans with delicious white and dark chocolate flavors. The perfect sweet treat for the coffee lover. 4 oz

Gift Cost: $29.95  + Standard Shipping: $8.95 = Total Cost $38.90  

Click Here to Order a Coffee Break Gift Set  

4. Gardener's Gift

Gardener's Gift Set Realtor Housewarming Thank Your Gift

This gardener's gift set starts with a cheerful flowered watering can brimming with everything your client will love. The .7 gallon galvanized steel can is powder coated to prevent rust and painted in bright colors. Gardening gloves are crafted of Supplex® nylon to give bare-handed sensitivity with the ultimate protection. They feel cottony soft but they're water resistant, breathable and protect from scratches while keeping nails and hands clean. Additionally, the gift includes herb scissors, plant markers and hand cream.  Available Colors: Cream, Green, Red

Gift Cost: $49.95  + Standard Shipping: $9.99 = Total Cost $59.94   

Currently on sale for $29.99 + Standard Shipping: $8.99 = Total Cost $38.98

Click Here to Order The Ultimate Gardener's Gift

6. Simply Beautiful!

Marquis by Waterford SparkleVase Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

This gorgeous Marquis by Waterford Sparkle Vase is reduced 66% from $100.00 to just $33.79!  Plus if you are an Amazon Prime member  you don't even need to pay for shipping.  This really is a an amazing housewarming gift at a fabulous price!  The Marquis by Waterford Sparkle Vase has brilliant cuts reminiscent of delicate starlight. Standing 9″ tall this vase is ideally shaped and sized for displaying fresh cut or dried flowers.  Since it comes packaged in a Marquis by Waterford box it is not essential to spend the additional $5.99 for gift wrapping, however, think that for this occasion gift wrapping is well worth the money.  It will provide a polished, professional look and add that little extra celebratory WOW factor.

Gift Cost: $33.79 + Free 2 Day shipping with Amazon Prime = Total Cost: $33.79

Recommended Optional Add-on: Gift Wrap: $5.99 =Total Cost: $39.78

If not an Amazon Prime Member add $9.08 for shipping costs = Total Cost: $42.87 + Gift Wrap: $5.99 = Total Cost = $48.86

Click Here to Order a Marquis by Waterford Sparkle Vase

7. Patriotic Gift

American Flag Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

When your client flies this made in the USA American Flag you can be sure it is one of Valley Forge's highest quality flags.  The tangle-free aluminum pole ensures the flag moves freely in the wind without tangling or wrapping even under the harshest weather conditions.  The pole is topped with a silver ball (not the eagle featured in the photo above) . This is a wonderful housewarming gift since it is a gift everyone needs seldom get around to buying.  Wouldn't it be great to be known as the broker who gifts American flags! Picture your entire realty farm proudly displaying their flags on the 4th of July!

Gift Cost: $42.92   + Free 2 Day shipping with Amazon Prime! = Total Cost $42.92

Add ~$7.24 for shipping if not an Amazon Prime Member

Click Here to Order An American Flag & Flag Pole Gift Set

8. Housewarming Gift Basket

Realtor Housewarming Client Thank You Gift BasketThis cheerful Home Sweet Home Gift Box is filled with delectable goodies all clients will love! (Please note: Contents may vary!)

  • Godiva gems milk chocolate gift box
  • “Settling in” chocolate decadence cookies
  • Angelina's sweet butter cookies
  • Brent and Sam's key lime white chocolate cookies
  • Almond roca butter crunch candy
  • Coffee masters 100% colombian coffee
  • Stash's fusion green and white tea
  • Garden vegetable cheese spread
  • California smoked almonds
  • Tyrell's lightly sea salted potato chips

Gift Cost: $44.99  + Free 2 Day shipping with Amazon Prime! = Total Cost $44,99  

Add ~$11.95 for shipping if not an Amazon Prime Member

Click Here to Order a Settling In Housewarming Gift Basket Set

9. Gift a Bonsai Tree, a Harbinger of Good Fortune

Peace & Prosperity Money Tree Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

This Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree conveys heartfelt wishes for good fortune and serenity to the lucky recipient. Arriving planted in a square ceramic container and tied with a red bow displaying a lucky coin, this gift is one clients will enjoy for years to come!

Gift Cost: $34.99  + Standard Shipping: $19.99 + Tax: $4.24= Total Cost $55.73

Click Here to Order a Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree

10. Practical + Elegant Gift

Custom Self Inking Stamp - Realtor Housewarming Thank You GiftThis custom self inking stamp will make the little things like paying bills, sending address changes, and mailing birthday wishes to friends and loved ones so much easier for your clients, they will thank you over and over again. This really is the perfect housewarming gift!

Gift Cost: $45.00  + Standard Shipping: $8.95 + Tax: $3.60= Total Cost $57.55 

(Tiny Prints regularly offers exclusive discounts and deals for our customers so be sure to check our sidebar for the latest Tiny Prints promotional offers!)

Click Here to Order a Custom Self Inking Stamp

11. Healthy & Delicious!

Herb Havarti & Pears - Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gifts

The Fruit Company, our hands down favorite fresh fruit gift company, has harmonized the creamiest savory havarti with  their renowned pears. The delicate herb flavor enhances the spicy musk of Bosc, the smooth sweetness of d’Anjou, and the rich texture of Webster Comice Pears. This gift also ships with honey wheat crackers and arrives elegantly packaged. Just thinking about it makes us want to order one of these for ourselves.

Gift Cost: $64.95  + Free 2 Day Shippping = Total Cost $64.95 

Click Here to Order a Herb Havarti & Pears Housewarming Gift

12. Breakfast Gift Basket

Breakfast Gift Basket Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

Not much is better than enjoying the delicious tastes of a New England breakfast on the first morning in a new home.  Inside this gift are Maine's freshest blueberries, Grade A New Hampshire maple syrup, and Broadbent's hickory smoked pepper bacon, allowing them to enjoy the wholesome, hearty tastes of a breakfast from the north without actually having to travel there.

New England Breakfast Gift Basket Classic Contentss

  • Farmhouse Pancake Mix by Stonewall Kitchen – 16 oz. – Grocery store pancake mixes step aside.  This delightful blend of malted flour and vanilla creates blissfully light and fluffy pancakes that have no rival.
  • Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup by The Maple Guys – .5 pint – The Guys know a lot about the real thing.  (The real thing being maple syrup of course.)  And they prove it with this Grade A syrup that's been proudly named the best in New Hampshire for years.
  • Wild Maine Blueberries by Highland Sugarworks – 3.5 oz. – They weren't picked yesterday, but you'd never know it.  That's because these delicious berries are packed in water, so they'll be as fresh as if we had, making them perfect for pancakes or waffles.
  • Hickory Smoked Pepper Country Bacon by Broadbent's – 14 oz. – Classic, mouth-watering bacon that's rubbed with a special blend of pepper and slow smoked with hickory.
  • (2) Perfect Potfuls Assorted Gourmet Coffees by Coffee Masters – 1.5 oz. – Freshly roasted, rich coffee that's already measured out so all they have to do is press “start” to fill their mug with perfection.
  • Wild Maine Blueberry Jam by Stonewall Kitchen – 4 oz. – A better jam there never was.  This elegant spread is crafted with tiny, hand-raked wild Maine blueberries that are sweetened with pure cane sugar and splashed with lemon juice.

Gift Cost: $59.99  + Standard Shipping: $11.92 = Total Cost $71.91

Now save 10% by using promo code GIFTS10 = $65.91

Click Here to Order a New England Breakfast Gift Basket Classic

13. Ultimate Beer Lover Gift

Craft Beer & Snacks Basket Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

The ultimate gift for the beer lover, this large hamper holds your choice of premium beers as well as gourmet pub grub that highlight the distinct flavor of the brews. Choose between International Beers or American IPAs. Your clients will definitely appreciate your good taste and celebratory sentiments.

Gift Includes:

  • Your choice of beer options: International Beers or American IPAs 12oz. See the Wine Info Tab for a full list of included beers.
  • Beer Chips
  • Ranch Corn Nuts
  • Salted Peanuts
  • Wasabi Peas
  • Jumbo Salted Virginia Peanuts, and more.


  • Items are packaged in a handsome picnic hamper
  • Includes scissors for easier opening

Gift Cost: $69.95  + Standard Shipping: $8.95 = Total Cost $78.90   

Click Here to Order a Craft Beer & Snack Hamper

14. & 15. Personalized Home Goods

Personalized Stainless Steel Tub Realtor Housewarming Thank You GiftPersonalize this stainless steel tub with your clients name skillfully etched into the top banner.  This tub makes a unique housewarming gift that screams celebrate life in your new home! Fill with chilled drinks, flowers, or even fire wood.

Gift Cost: $69.95  + Standard Shipping: $11.95 = Total Cost $81.90 (Be sure to check for coupon codes for free economy shipping!)

Click Here to Order a Personalized Stainless Steel Tub

Personalized Handcrafted Serving Tray - Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

Personalize this serving tray with your client's  initial or name in a delicately etched, swirl design for a touch of class. Perfectly sized at 12 1/2″ L x 8 1/4″ H, this makes for an elegant appetizer or dessert serving tray and a lovely housewarming gift!

Gift Cost: $72.95  + Standard Shipping: $11.95 = Total Cost $84.90 (Be sure to check for coupon codes for free economy shipping!)

Click Here to Order a Personalized Handcrafted Serving Tray

16. Entertaining Outdoors

BBQ & Grilling Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

Home buyers are generally looking for good floor plans and fine structural bones but quite often they are also hoping to find a home where they can envision themselves entertaining outdoors.  If your clients already have chosen a spot for the BBQ, this housewarming gift is for you! With this gift, any ordinary meal can be transformed into one of extraordinary flavor.  Bringing together the best grilling products, including savory rubs of all-natural ingredients and a complete set of wooden handled grilling utensils, this terrific gift supplies your clients with everything they need to create meals that are completely irresistible.

Grill Master Gift Basket Contents:
Coca-Cola Utensil Set & Carrier Case – Contained in a case that doubles as the perfect apron, this set of sturdy metal tools has everything they need to grill including tongs, a grilling fork, and a spatula.
Metal Carrying Tray with handles – This sturdy metal tray with handles makes the perfect way to transport food to and from the grill.
Roadhouse Steak Sauce by Stonewall Kitchen – 11 oz. – Created to mimic the delicious sauces found at authentic roadside restaurants, this delectable marinade is perfect for both beef and pork.
New Mexico Red Pepper Sesame Grill Sauce by Frontera Foods – 12 oz. – Great on chicken and seafood, this blissful sauce unites deliciously nutty sesame seeds with sweet, vibrant red peppers.
Beef & Burger Rub by Urban Accents – 1.5 oz. – Excellent for both grilling and roasting, this all-natural rub gets its savory taste from celery seed, black mustard, crushed red pepper, and a variety of spices.
Chicken & Poultry Rub by Urban Accents – 1.5 oz. – A zesty rub of salt, lemon peel, and coriander that's unique, refreshing flavor makes chicken and poultry irresistible.
Pork & BBQ Rub by Urban Accents – 1.5 oz. – Perfect for the other white meat, this hearty rub perfectly combines sweet brown sugar, spicy chipotle powder, and smoky ancho chiles.

Gift Cost: $79.95  + Standard Shipping: $12.80 = Total Cost $92.79  

Now save 10% by using promo code GIFTS10 = $84.79

Click Here to Order The Grill Master – Grilling – BBQ – Marinating – Cooking Gift

17. Spa & Wellness Gifts

Honey Spa Treatment Housewarming Realtor Housewarming Thank You GiftBuying a house can be stressful.  Give your clients a little something to help them relax! Gift contents packaged in a gorgeous suede keepsake hat box

  • Royal Jelly Soap: Royal Jelly and Shea Butter combine to create the quintessential luxury bar of soap. Golden Bee Lavender Eye Pillow : Each eye pillow is made of rich, cooling silk and is filled with Lavender and flax. This aromatic, sleep inducing pillow is designed to be placed over the eyes while at rest. Microwaveable.
  • Beeswax Candle: 100% Pure Beeswax, cotton wicking, nontoxic adhesive and non “sparking” polymer glitter.
  • Honey-Colored Dishtowel: made from natural bamboo.
  • Bee Shaped Bath Beads : 10 bath beads in the shape of bees, and made from the finest combination of skin moisturizing ingredients.
  • Spa Utensils : Massage Brush, Hair Brush, Nail Brush, Pumice Stone, Bath Sponge.

Gift Cost: $79.95  + Standard Shipping: $11.95 = Total Cost $91.90   

Interested in Ribbon Personalization? Add $7.95.

Click Here to Order a Honey Spa Treatment Gift Set

18. Tea Lovers Gift

Royal English Tea Tower Realtor Client Housewarming Thank You GiftThis stout black Harney & Sons Royal English Breakfast Tea will delight the most scrupulous of tea drinkers, especially since it is beautifully presented in elegant gift boxes with a porcelain teacup, teapot, and premium tea-themed treats including orange blossom honey, chocolate graham crackers, and Lady Walton's white chocolate amaretto wafers.

The gourmet tea experience is highlighted by a vintage keepsake hat box. Designed for practical use long after the original contents have been enjoyed, the hat box features sturdy wooden construction, a soft suede exterior, canvas interior, leather trim and an ornate embroidered lid pattern to match the teacup.

Gift Cost: $84.95  + Standard Shipping: $11.95 = Total Cost $96.90   

Interested in Ribbon Personalization? Add $7.95

Click Here to Order a Royal English Tea Tower Gift Set 

19. Champagne Gifts

Champagne & Flutes Gift Set Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

Ensure your clients toast to new beginnings. Choose from the following wines and yes, the Mumm is just fine! We particularly like that long after the sparkling wine is gone your clients will continue to enjoy their champagne flutes and will think of you every time they celebrate a happy occasion.

  • Mumm Napa Cuvee M ($84.95): A soft and elegant sparkling wine that highlights the delicious and powerful ripe fruit flavors that characterize the world-class grapes of the Napa Valley. Cuvee M exhibits a graceful stream of very fine bubbles gently rising to a persistent mousse cordon with a light peach rose color. On the palate, full flavors of peach and pear combine with a creamy caramel character, which lingers into a long satisfying finish.
  • Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne ($109.95): The best-selling Champagne in the world, the Imperial maintains an impressive consistency of quality and flavor. It is smooth but crisp, and easy to drink. Features include an exotic fruitiness, a generous palate, and a confident maturity. The finish reveals notes of peach, pineapple, and honey. Exquisite.
  • Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label ($129.95): Clicquot's signature non-vintage Brut is loved all over the world for its crisp, full flavors, consistent quality, and celebratory yellow label. Hints of toast and biscuit accent lightly honeyed flavors of quince, apple blossom and peach in this fresh and balanced Champagne. It has a fine persistent sparkle and golden Champagne color.
  • Dom Perignon ($249.95): The 2003 Dom Perignon is at first intensely floral, with perfumed jasmine that dominates the bouquet. With time in the glass the wine gains richness as the flavors turn decidedly riper and almost tropical. Ripe apricots, passion fruit, and peaches emerge from this flashy, opulent Dom Perignon. Rated 96 points by Wine Advocate.
  • Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame ($249.95): La Grande Dame has a pale gold color with jade glints. The wine is crystal clear, with unbelievably fine bubbles. This aromatic, impressively complex bouquet is confirmed in the mouth. On the palate, the wine is clear-cut and pure, and balanced with a delightful silky smoothness. This impressive Champagne, with its lace-like construction, has a long, lively, and structured finish.
  • Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne ($249.95): Famous world-wide for its unique fine taste and superb quality, Cristal enchants with subtle notes of pears, flowers, spices, mint, minerals, and oak, woven into a cashmere-like frame of extraordinary grace and elegance. This beautifully sculpted Champagne possesses notable clarity but with the additional depth of fruit that is characteristic of this vintage. It is a gorgeous, seductive Cristal of the highest level.
  • Vintage Krug Brut Champagne ($399.95): Rated in the mid-90s year after year, this “Collectibles” designate shows gorgeous lemon, peach, toast, and spices. The attack is rich and forceful, backed by a racy structure that keeps the flavors pure and drives the finish. All the elements are in balance, making a finely shaped wine, which impresses as much from its elegance as from its richness.

Additional Costs:

Standard Shipping $9.95 | Optional Add-on: Sandblasted Initials on Champagne Flutes – $14.95

Total cost of gift shipped with Mumm Napa Cuvee M = $94.90

Click Here to Order a Champagne & Flutes Gift Set

Just want a simple bottle of champagne (no flutes)?

Click Here to Order Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne!

20. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Cards - Housewarming Realtor Thank You Gifts

An Amazon gift card, whether delivered thru the mail in a lovely congratulations gift box, a thank you card, or via email, is always appreciated!. Your clients can use their cards for home improvements (yes, Amazon carries everything from faucet fixtures and ceiling tiles, to gardening supplies, housewares and home decor) or for  birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts, or even for everyday essentials like diapers and groceries – all delivered Free with an Amazon Prime membership.

Click Below to Order Your Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card -Email Congratulations on Your New Home! (available in any denomination of your choosing) Gift Card with Thank You Greeting Card (Minimum denomination is $10.00 in increments of $5.00) Gift Cards – Congratulations In a Gift Box – Free One-Day Shipping (available in denominations of $50.00, $75.00, and $100. up through $500.00 )


A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way!

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