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Realtor DIY “Welcome to Your New Home” Gift Boxes

DIY Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift


Our most popular gift box and gift baskets are these delightful settling in house shaped boxes that come filled with a yummy selection of gourmet goodies.  They are fabulous! unfortunately some of our favorite offerings are no longer in stock, but rest assured we are always on the lookout for new gifting options!

Hearty Hospitality Housewarming Gift Basket

Hearty  Hospitality Housewarming Gift Basket 

There's No Place Like Home Housewarming Gift Box

 Home Sweet Home Housewarming Gift Basket

Realtor DIY “Welcome to Your New Home” Gift Box

In fact these gift boxes are so fabulous that we went searching for a DIY more flexible, less expensive alternative.  Our first (and generally only) stop – Bags & Bows!  But unfortunately these fabulous boxes are no longer available.  So we of course went searching for new ones and may have found some that are at least as nice, if not better.

These next boxes are all called Gable Favor Boxes and all measure 4″w x 2.5″l x 5″h

The next few are gift tents and bags. Remember most of the designs can be transferred onto any size bag.

And here are a few tiny house favor boxes

In addition to the boxes you will also need crinkle cut fill, clear basket bags, pull bows, and of course your gifts.  But unlike the pre-made boxes, you can now fill them with anything and everything your client might want or need.  You can stick to a strict budget or can choose to be extravagant.  The boxes themselves make such a strong statement it almost doesn't matter what you put inside.  Whatever you choose, you can save by buying in bulk.  Buy a case of wine rather than a bottle and a dozen wine glasses rather than individual glasses (we highly recommend splurging for the riedel glasses).

What to Include in your DIY Gift Basket Boxes

Here are are just a few ideas of what you might include in your closing gift, in addition to the more expected home baked and gourmet treats traditionally associated with gift baskets:

And so many more — keep checking back as we hope to update this list regularly!

Little Gifts of Thanks


Look what we found! We are loving these ivory cut-out houses. The are so perfect for little gifts of thanks.

The Ivory House Little Gifts of Thanks Boxes

The Ivory House Little Gifts of Thanks Boxes

One last thing – if you do DIY, be sure to watch the featured video to learn the ins and outs of creating a beautiful presentation.  Remember a sloppy, ill-conceived present is worse than giving no present at all!


Loving this housewarming wine bag, Just fill you gifting cabinet with a case or two of fine wine and you have put together a simple yet very appreciated gift. If it were us, we would probably tie an inexpensive new home ornament to bag so our clients have a lasting memory of the transaction, also.

Housewarming Wine Bag

Enjoy Your New Home Wine Bag

A Little Thanks Goes A Long Way!

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