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Coming in at #29 on our always popular Best Realtor Closing Gift Ideas Under $100 list are these oh so practical home fix-it kits !

All four featured Handyman Tool Kits are reasonably priced. They range from $25 to $60. Clearly you get more tools for your buck with the Amazon 115-piece home repair kit but the personalized tool set,  the handy man gift set, and the leather bound fix-it kit  all have more of a professional gifting vibe.

Home Fix-It Kits

Best New Home Owner Home fix-it kits

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Order a 115-Piece Home Repair Kit

Click Here to Order a Personalized Tool Set

Alternatively, Izzy just moved into a new apartment and gifted herself this handy 39 piece general pink tool set. It is also available in red (just in case the pink tool handles are a bit too much even for the girliest of gals). Currently priced at under $18 + 2 day free shipping with Amazon Prime, nobody will guess you spent so little for such a substantial gift.

Practical Housewarming Gifts Tool Sets

Practical, Affordable Housewarming Gifts >> 39 Piece Tool Sets

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