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Housewarming Gifts for HER First Home

Festive Housewarming Gifts for HER


We love selling homes to anyone and everyone but we must admit, we especially enjoy working with single women first time home buyers. It really does does not matter if she is purchasing a condo in a large complex or a single family home, we love guiding her journey. And if she is a girly gal, even better. There really is nothing more fun than buying a closing housewarming gifts for HER first home.

Our latest client, Izzy, was into anything and everything that glittered. She wanted crystal chandeliers and dark wood floors so her white furniture would pop. At every home we visited, Izzy would immediately scout the perfect place for her dream bar cart, not withstanding that she neither owned a bar cart nor barware. When she finally settled on  her perfect home, she barely had enough cash left to purchase that bar cart let alone any barware for entertaining.

That is where we stepped in. As our closing gift, we ordered glassware and bar accessories that married her love of all things glittery with the more toned down almost rustic personality of the home she choose to buy. Isabelle loved it all. And now we regularly gift the glassware individually, and collectively. It is our new favorite housewarming gift for any girly gal's first home. Just an FYI – Isabelle had a pretty hefty budget so our closing gift had to be more significant than we might have spent on a client with a more modest budget.

Housewarming Gifts for HER First Home

We particularly love Beau-coup's glassware because it can all be personalized (or not). Taking a tip from our friends over at, we mixed and matched different styles. Additionally, we took their advice and looked for shapes that might make for a fun serving presentation when not being used for their intended use. For example, they tell us modern hosts often use old fashioned martini glasses, interchangeably, for vodka martinis and poke martinis. And the featured gold dotted champagne flutes work equally well whether filled with champagne or fancy parfait-like desserts. How fun!

Gold Dotted & Gold Rimmed Glassware 

Gold Rimmed and Gold Dotted Barware Housewarming Gifts for Her

Gold Rimmed and Gold Dotted Glassware & Personalized Cocktail Shaker

Personalized Plastic Cups Housewarming Gifts

At the last minute, we also decided that since Izzy is very social, having a sleeve of 50 personalized clear plastic cups handy would be a very practical addition to our gift. We think it was a good call, and very much appreciated. The best part about these cups is that although they can be thrown away if you want, they are made from a sturdy plastic that can also be washed and re-used over and over again.


Personalized Clear Plastic Cups Housewarming Gifts for Her

Housewarming Gifts For Her >> Personalized Clear Plastic Cups

Fabulous Wooden Wine Trough Housewarming Gifts

And finally, we could not resist this fabulous rustic wine cooler. The wood perfectly compliments all the glitter in the glasses! This particular cooler can be individually personalized with your client's name or initials. Or your can stock up your gifting closet with customized troughs like the one featured below. If you go with a custom rather than personalized wooden trough, it can be gifted to any real estate client at any time.

Personalized Wooden Wine Trough Housewarming Gifts for HER

Housewarming Gifts for HER >> Personalized Wooden Wine Trough

Housewarming Gifts for the Yoga Enthusiast

We know this is a bit less traditional, but no one likes bringing old stinky anything into a new house. If your client is really into yoga and pilates, consider gifting her a new Yoga mat and related equipment. Izzy would hug you if you gifted her new, fresh health and wellness equipment!

Housewarming gifts for the yoga gal

Housewarming Gifts for the Yoga Enthusiast

Experiential Housewarming Gifts for Her

One last idea. So often single women, like everyone else, stretch beyond their means when buying their first home. Sometimes they listen to their heart rather than their head and over extend themselves, just a bit, leaving them very little disposable income for going out on the town. So why not gift them tickets to an event such as a concert, theater, sporting event, or ballet.

Housewarming Gifts for Her Gift Tickets to a Live Performance Experience

Housewarming Gifts for Her >> Gift Tickets

New! Housewarming Gifts for Her New Kitchen!

We just love these aprons from one of our favorite merchants, food 52. You can also upgrade and get the matching cotton pot holder and oven mitt for your client. These make great housewarming gifts!

Modern Cotton Apron Housewarming Realtor Closing Gift for Her

Modern Cotton Apron

A little thanks goes a long way!

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