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Stock Up on Last Minute Realtor Closing Gifts

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Every time we visit Zazzle we found something new and perfect. Today we happened upon these stone trivets & coasters that are very affordable when bought individually or can create the ultimate WOW gift when bundled together. If you are bundling the trivets & the coasters or even just buying more than one coaster, be sure to have them delivered to your office so you can tie them together with a lovely ribbon or better yet twine.  Remember when business gifting, presentation counts!

We feature both a trivet and a coaster with an architectural photo so you can envision whether you might want to personalize either with a photo of your client’s new home. If not, there are tons of designs to choose from. But the real reason we love this realtor closing gift is that you can stock up on home sweet home or carpe diem or other generic housewarming stone coasters and bundle them into packs of four, six or eight, and keep a stash in your supply closet for last minute gifting.  #Perfect

One more thing, consider adding a small sticker to the back of your coasters and trivets with your name and company logo!

Last Minute Realtor Closing Gifts

Home Sweet Home Coasters Realtor Closing Gifts, Stock Up on Last Minute Realtor Closing Gifts

Home Sweet Home Coasters

Gift Cost: Stone Trivets start at $29.95 each and  Stone Coasters start at $9.95 each

Click Here to Order Custom Stone Trivets Click Here to Order Custom Stone Coasters

So stock up on last minute realtor closing gifts with these practical and durable stone trivets & coasters!

A Little Thanks Goes A Long Way!

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