Best Closing Gifts Marquis by Waterford Vases and Bowls

Published on November 19th, 2015 | by RECG


Marquis by Waterford Vases & Bowls on Sale!

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Today’s Must Buy!

This is one of those hurry up and buy moments! We just went to Amazon to make sure one of our favorite holiday, housewarming, realtor closing, hostess and anytime any reason gift was still available and were blown away. These gorgeous Marquis by Waterford vases are marked down 80% to just $19.99. Plus, with Amazon Prime, you get free shipping. We are stocking up. Really, we are!! This is one of those gifts that is perfect for just about any occasion so we are making a larger than normal purchase and storing a combination of vases and bowls in our supply closet to have on hand for all our holiday gifting needs. 

Stunning Marquis by Waterford Vases & Bowls on Sale!

Marquis by Waterford Vases

Marquis by Waterford Sparkle Vase

And the cherry on this cake is that the matching Marquis by Waterford bowl is also priced at just $19.99.  We wish we could tell you this deal will last forever and always but truthfully, we have absolutely no idea of whether it is a holiday special or just new pricing. (UPDATE >> It looks like it was a one day special :(. Having said that, both the prices on the vase and on the bowl are still pretty darn amazing!)

Marquis by Waterford Vases & Bowls

Sparkle 9-Inch Bowl

We were extremely pleased to learn that the vase and the bowl arrive packaged in a Marquis by Waterford box because as you well know by now, we think presentation really does matter. Here is the one caveat >> these Marquis by Waterford gifts are fairly small.  The vase is not one of those giant vases that take bunches and bunches of flowers to fill. In our view, it is perfectly sized at 9 inches tall and the bowl is just 6 inches tall by 9 inches wide, the ideal size for serving cut fruit and salads. Both gifts will add plenty of sparkle to your holiday! 

Since these Marquis by Waterford vases and bowls are priced so fabulously, before you gift them, why not fill them with beautiful Lindt Lindor Truffles in holiday colors! Now that is a present any one would love including your friends, family, clients, colleagues, teachers, and anyone else you want to delight with a little gift of thanks.  And, we promise, no one will ever guess you paid so little for the whole thing, including the candy and delivery to your office!

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way!

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