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Client & Prospect Birthday Gifts


January is a big birthday month for us here at RealEstateClientGifts. Just curious, do any of you ever send birthday gifts to your clients? It might be a great way to stay top of mind with clients and prospects.

Here are a few of our favorite client birthday gifts. Most of the gifts featured are under $50 with some even as low as $19.95. And of course, just because these gifts are birthday specific does not mean that any little of gift of remembrance will not have the same effect. Even a $5.00 StarBucks Card tucked into a celebratory happy birthday greeting card is thoughtful and will be greatly appreciated.

Realtor Happy Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday Cards >> House Birthday Cards | Birdhouse | Balloon House

Birthday Gifts

These first four birthday gifts are the ones we just featured on Instagram | Shop our Instagram. Wondering which is our favorite? The Happy Birthday Jewel Garden, of course. (But that is mostly because it is the beginning of the year and we are still sticking to our New Years resolution of no sugar, no alcohol.)

Happy Birthday Gifts

Prospect and Client Birthday Gift Ideas

But we would love receiving any of these. In fact, we might prefer the wine in the Happy Birthday box to the engraved bottle.

Client Birthday Present Ideas

Client Birthday Present Ideas

Keep checking back. We will keep adding to this page as we find share-worthy gifts!

Make it a beautiful day!

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