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HOUSEwarming Gifts – Packaging Matters!

HOUSEwarming Gifts - Packaging Matters


Although we feature these PERFECT Housewarming gifts on our best gifts under $100 and best gifts over $100, we decided to put all the true HOUSEwarming gifts and HOME Sweet HOME gifts into one post. As you can see, we definitely think packaging matters! In gifting it is often the packaging that turns a fine gift into a fabulous one. Put the HOME into your next housewarming gifts and stand out from the rest!

HOUSEwarming Gifts – Packaging Matters!

Housewarming Gift Boxes

We are so sorry to report but many of our favorite HOUSEwarming gifts are sold out but there are still a few currently available gift boxes,  And we will, of course, continue to search for and post any new boxes worthy of your consideration! 

Hearty Hospitality Housewarming Gift Basket

Click Here to Order a Hearty Hospitality Housewarming Gift Basket

This cheerful Home Sweet Home Gift Box is filled with delectable goodies all clients will love! (Please note: Contents may vary!)

There's No Place Like Home Housewarming Gift Box

Click Here to Order a New Home Housewarming Gift Basket

DIY Housewarming Gift Boxes

Be sure to check out our DIY Housewarming Gift Box and Bag options too! Currently there are very few large boxes available. But do not worry, small gifts can sometimes make a larger impact than a giant box filled with junk! The first few featured boxes are the largest and they decrease in size thereafter

These next boxes are all called Gable Favor Boxes and all measure 4″w x 2.5″l x 5″h

The next few are HOUSEwarming gift tents and bags. Remember most of the designs can be transferred onto any size bag.

And here are a few tiny HOUSEwarming favor boxes

Consider adding a bottle or two of wine (or beer!) to your DIY gift box. We just found these great bottle labels that work perfectly.

Housewarming Wine and Beer Bottle Labels

Wine and Beer Bottle Labels >> House Wine | Home Beer | Home Sweet Home

Loving this fun, easy to ship NEW HOME. new adventures. NEW MEMORIES. gift box so much we are going to post it to both instagram and our shop instagram page, too!

New Home Gift Basket with Cutting Board Spoons Candle and More

Click Here to Order NEW HOME. new adventures. NEW MEMORIES Gift Boxes

And for little gifts of thanks, how darling are these Ivory House Gift Boxes!

The Ivory House Little Gifts of Thanks Boxes

Click Here to Order The Ivory House Little Gifts of Thanks Boxes

“Home is Where … “Decorative Wooden Cases

We are loving the idea of stocking up on customized (but not personalized) BBQ sets. We designed the box covers ourselves in about 5 minutes. First we added clipart of a house and then using LINTSEC font added our uppercase text. We know many people think that all marketing ought to have your have your name on it, but since these are gifts, we think that in the long run, your clients will appreciate it more if you do not put your logo on the box. Instead tape or glue your card to the bottom of the wooden box. These boxes must be ordered in bulk with a minimum of 12 for the BBQ set. And the price goes down significantly, the more you order.

Home is Where the BBQ Is 5 Piece Bamboo BBQ Set

Click Here to Order 5 Piece BBQ Sets

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way!

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