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In 2015, April 20th – April 24th is Administrative Professionals Week, and a chance to express your appreciation for all of your administrative assistants' hard work. Remember creating a positive work environment is as important, if not more important to your business than all your professional marketing efforts.  If you employees feel appreciated and valued, they will work harder for you all year long.  Remember so much of your success is very dependent on their efforts.  Very few real estate offices are solo operations so you need to surround yourself with the best people possible >> professionals who will have your back and make sure all the little details are properly attended to.  One missed deadline or improper filing can quickly sink a closing.  Take the time today to order thoughtful admin gifts to be delivered sometime next week.

Top 10 Admin Day Gifts

1. Desk Gifts

Engraved Bamboo Desk Organizer with Jelly Beans, Best Admin Day Gifts

2. Fine French Chocolate Macaron Gift

Fine French Chocolate Macaron Gift, Best Admin Day Gifts

3. Personalized Executive Candy Dispenser

Personalized Executive Candy Dispenser, Best Admin Day Gifts

4. Spa Treatments & Gifts

Honey Spa Treatment, Spa Treatments & Gifts, Best Admin Day Gifts

5. Healthy Choices Fruit Gifts

Healthy Choices Fruit Gift, Best Admin Day Gifts

6. Say It With Flowers

Admin Day Flowers, Best Admin Day Gifts

7. <3 Cookies Brownies!
Cookie Gifts, Best Admin Day Gifts


8. Admin Appreciation Gift Baskets
Admin Appreciation Gift Basket, Best Admin Day Gifts

9. Gourmet Towers

Sweet Gourmet Confections Tower, Best Admin Day Gifts

10. Admin Day Balloons and Chocolates

Admin Day Balloons and Chocolates, Best Admin Day Gifts

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way!

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