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A Realtor’s 10 Step Guide To Safely Get Back to Business


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If there is one thing we know for sure from our 50+ days in quarantine, it is that life after this will surely look a bit different. From face masks to gloves, new sanitary measures are not only going to become a staple of every day life but every day business as well. To get prepared, we put together a list of items that will make getting back to business safer, cleaner, and better than ever.

A Realtor's 10 Step Guide To Safely Get Back to Business

Note: Rules and regulations vary by state and county. Please check with your local government to find the most up-to-date information related to your area's re-opening policies. 

Re-thinking the Office

No matter how many employees occupy the office each day, the environment will sure look  and feel different. Most importantly, it is essential to invest in deep-cleaning and safety equipment that will give your employees peace of mind. People are going to feel anxious returning to work so it will be important to take every precaution to make them feel as safe as possible. The safer they feel, the better quality of work they will produce.

Most new rules will depend on the size and function of your office. If you have a large number of employees, you might consider staggering arrival times so that there is only a small number of people in a space at all times. Companies are also restricting access to commonly shared spaces, such as gyms and kitchens.  Additionally, while 6 ft is the distance that has been publicized, some experts are suggesting that 10ft is even better. Point being, the fewer people in a space and the farther they are from one another, the better.

For the majority of the products below, we recommend buying as many as you can as often as you can. Even when rules and restrictions ease up, there will always be a need for sanitizer and pens. None of this will go to waste no matter how much you purchase.

1. Face Masks

Since face masks are mandated in areas, we recommend stocking up on them in bulk and the sooner the better.

Disposable Face Masks

Disposable Face Masks >> $1 per mask, can buy up to 50 per order

Disposable Protective Face Mask

Blue Protective Face Mask >> Buy in Bulk Starting at 100ct

2. Disinfectant

Hand Sanitizer

As you prepare to get back to business, don't forget the hand sanitizer. We found premium natural hand sanitizer, in stock! Buy a single spray bottle, buy a package of 3 or 6, 24 or 48.  Or buy in bulk! Consider the huge savings if you buy a 120 pack or even a 2400 pack. Place a bottle of hand sanitizer at every desk. And have plenty of extras on hand to replenish, as needed.


Although it is unclear how long the virus can live on surfaces, areas need to be wiped down regularly, especially shared ones like desks, doorknobs, lights, etc. Bulk up on wipes and never fall into a position where you are out. Put them all around the office and give a pack to each employee. 

Company Antibacterial Office Wipes

Antibacterial Office Wipes

And for the electronics like computers and phones, get specific wipes that will not damage their screens or capabilities.

Endust for Electronics Bulk Equipment Wipes

Endust for Electronic Multi-Surface Wipes

iCloth Bulk Electronic Equipment Wipes

iCloth Small Screens and Electronic Wipes

3. Thermometers

Thermometers will probably be the biggest unseen expense as a result of new protocols, but they are essential to getting back to business. Employees should have their temperatures checked each day when they come in for work. Prospective clients can also be checked prior to touring homes if desired. We recommend the non-contact forehead thermometers since they can be re-used from person to person without having to be sanitized in between.

Forehead No Contact Thermometer

Forehead No Contact Thermometer

4. Pens and General Office Items

Order pens in bulk and have enough for the office and home tours. Give a handful to each employee so that no one has to share. You can even assign employees specific colors so there is no confusion. We recommend metal as they will be easier to sanitize.

Metal Pens in BulkMetal Pens in Bulk 

Or choose anti-bacterial pens that are designed to kill germs. Again, buy enough so that every employee has a large enough pile where they will not have to share.

Bic Antimicrobial Pen

Bic Antimicrobial Pens in Bulk

And we recommend doing the same thing with notepads. If everyone has their own, it will reduce sharing keeping the office safe and sanitary.

Company Note Pads in Bulk

Company Note Pads in Bulk

5. The Conference Room

Right now, this is where the most exposure to shared surfaces and other employees will occur. Employees will need to be at least 6 feet apart. Ensure this by creating stations at the available chairs. For example, you could place a hand sanitizer, mask, pen and notepad at the seats employees are safely able to sit at. Remember to wipe down each spot and the table after use.

Or, if you have the space, we recommend taking the meeting outside. Again, medical experts are currently saying that the virus is mostly contracted indoors. Outside, the natural dispersal of air makes contraction more difficult. Plus, it's summer! And after being cooped up in their homes for over two months, your employees might find the fresh air rejuvenating.

We love the elegant table below and we also like this folding table that comes with 6 chairs. We recommend getting two so that you can make the table longer or wider. Spread out the chairs so that employees are at least 6ft apart.

Outdoor Folding Table

Grey Rectangle Folding Table | Rectangular Folding Table with 6 Chairs

Open House Protocol 

Again, rules and regulations for open houses will vary by state and county so be sure to check your local government's page concerning specific details.

In general, you will want to reduce the size of your open houses and access to high-touch surfaces. Open all the doors in advance so that no one will be touching doorknobs. Even consider not allowing people to open up cabinets and closets. Between visits, wipe down any surface that will be touched by someone else. Note that many of the products bought for the office can also be used for open houses, including pens, disposable face masks, wipes, etc.

6. Face Coverings

For open houses, face masks are most likely going to be necessary. There are two options – disposable or reusable. If you go the disposable route, make sure to stock up as soon as you can. We recommend going the re-usable route because it is more cost-effective and better for the environment.

You can create your own by simply uploading the logo of your company. And you can even let your clients keep them. Imagine your clients walking around town in their branded face masks…a great piece of marketing!

Custom Face Mask

Custom Face Mask

And don't forget about your agents! Help them stick out with special masks that let clients know exactly who they are.

Realtor Custom Mask

Realtor Custom Face Mask

For agents in particular, we like the idea of the face shield so potential clients can see your face. Plus, they are more comfortable and easier to wear over time.

Realtor or Real Estate Agent Face Shield

Real Estate Agent Face Shield

If you decide to go the re-usable route, you will need some type of bin at the entrance for people to drop their masks into once they are finished touring. Make sure there is a sign that lets them know this too.

Face Masks Required Sign

Face Masks Required Sign 

For the bin, think of a design that will go in any home. Stay away from cloth lined as that might become another thing you might need to wash.

Utility Wicker Baskets

Utility Wicker Baskets

7. Hand Sanitizer

Consider offering mini hand sanitizers to prospective clients touring any residential or commercial property. In this case, we love these smaller sized sanitizers. You can add your logo or just a simple #staysafe to make it easy. Feel free to use the one we created if you like it!

Compact Hand Sanitizer#staysafe

.5oz Compact Hand Sanitizer

Or require gloves upon entry to even further reduce contact. These are in stock and can be purchased in bulk! Perfect for the office as well.

Large Size Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Large Size Disposable Nitrile Gloves

8. Shoe Coverings

Many realtors already make prospective clients wear shoe coverings before touring a home. While there have been some conflicting reports about how long the virus can live on surfaces, we believe it is better to be safe than sorry.

Disposable Shoe Coverings

Disposable Shoe Coverings

9. Signing In

Clients might not feel comfortable anymore touching the same sign-in book or even using a communal pen. Instead, use individual index cards to have them write their information down. And just like the ice cream shop, make them feel safe by having a “clean” and “dirty” pen jar. Or, again, let them keep the pens and it will become another tool for marketing.

House Tour Sign In Index Card

Sign In Index Cards 

Everyone loves a mason jar and they are great surfaces for labels. Some jars come with labels already on them, but we suggest getting ones without labels in case you want to use them for other purposes.

Ball Mason Jar Bulk PackBall Mason Jar Bulk Pack

For the labels, you can buy ones to write on or you can design your own digitally.

Jar Labels

Digital Custom Jar Labels

Chalkboard Jar Labels

Chalkboard DIY Jar Labels

Last but not least, you will need a table to display everything on. Usually, you would set this up on the kitchen counter but in these days, you do not want people leaning on surfaces or congregating in areas. Choose something that does not stand out too much in the home. For example, if you are in beautifully wood floor mid-century house, a traditional plastic table will stick out like a sore thumb. We love these elevated and elegant options.

Small Foldable Wooden Table

Small Foldable Wooden Table

Metal Folding Table

Metal Folding Table

Folding Buffet Table

Folding Buffet Table

10. Say Thank You Sweetly

Don't forget to say thank you with a little sweet treat. We recommend individually wrapped candies so it is sanitary and can be enjoyed without any worry. 

Hard Candies in Bulk

Hard Candies In Bulk

A little thanks goes a long way! 

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