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Replace Refrigerator Water Filters & Air Filters!


Every realtor has been there. You list a house and then as you spend more time walking through the house you notice the refrigerator control panel lights are flashing. Replace Refrigerator Water Filters. Replace Refrigerator Air Filters. You know these are easy DIY fixes but potential buyers very well may see these “easy fixes” as signs of deferred maintenance. There is an equally good chance that your clients have no idea of where to begin to find the needed parts. But now, without skipping a beat, you can easily figure out what parts are needed, order them, and have them installed within the week.

Additionally, Sears Parts Direct has a great library of owners manuals and How2 repair guides. So even if your client has misplaced their original owners manuals, you can now provide the new owners with complete copies of all the needed paperwork. At the time, spending time printing out these owners manuals may be a bit annoying but if you wrap the copies with a bow and present them to the new owners, we promise, they will thank you!

Replace Refrigerator Water Filters & Air Filters  

Sears Parts Direct  makes ordering appliance parts so so easy! Basically all you need to do is open the door of your clients refrigerator. Take a cell phone picture of the model number and key it into the easy to use Sears Parts Direct replacement parts finder on their home page.

Refrigerator Model Number    Sears Parts Direct Replacement Parts Finder Tool, Replace Refrigerator Water Filters & Air Filters

Find Replacement Refrigerator Water Filters and Air  Filters >> Sears Parts Direct Replacement Parts Finder Tool

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We actually tried out the replacement parts finder tool ourselves. The replace refrigerator water filters and air filters lights on our home refrigerator had been lit for almost three years. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to test out the Sears Parts Direct Replacement Parts Finder Tool. As you can see, as recommended, we first took a photo of our refrigerator's model number. Then we entered it into the parts finder tool. Once our refrigerator popped up we simply ordered the recommended water filter, air filter. And while we were there, even ordered a replacement for the broken crisper drawer. Our refrigerator parts are set to arrive within the week. We expect the installation to go as smoothly as the ordering did. But if we do run into any challenges, we will definitely let you know.

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