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How to Send Housewarming & Holiday Gifts to China

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It may be because we are located in California or this may quite possibly be a national trend, but more and more of our neighbors are being re-located by their companies to China. Moreover, in just the last few months, at least a dozen realtors across the country have contacted us inquiring about how to send housewarming / thank you gifts to their clients now living in China. And somewhat shockingly, we actually know the answer! GiftBasketsOverseas specializes in sending gifts across country lines. They know the rules. They have the contacts and resources. And just as importantly, they understand the unique culture and customs associated with all of their recipients' countries.

How to Send Housewarming & Holiday Gifts to China

What to Know About Sending Gifts to China

GiftBasketsOverseas has created a fabulous infographic to help you navigate the abyss of China gifting norms and mores.

Infographic - China Superstitions, Information and Gifting Guidelines

Infographic – China Superstitions, Information and Gifting Guidelines

Sending Housewarming Gifts to China

So now for the fun part. Here are our top 5 closing gift recommendations to send to clients who have relocated to China.

Let's start with the wow Рa beautiful gift box of Dom Perignon Champagne. Nothing says thank you like the best of the best! And in China sending quality gifts denotes respect for the recipient.

Dom Perignon Realtor Closing Housewarming Thank You Gift Delivered in China

Dom Perignon

Next our two favorite gifts that help bring a little taste of the comforts of home to a strange new land.

Comfort Coffee and Chocolates Housewarming Gift to China

Comfort Coffee and Chocolates Delivered to China

Beer Basket Delivered to China

Beer Basket Delivered to China

And a little something sweet always makes any transition easier. The fact that this cake is beautiful too, definitely does not hurt ūüôā

Elegant Chocolate Cake Realtor Closing Gift Delivered to China

Elegant Chocolate Cake Delivered to China

And lastly, this pink orchid denotes nobility, integrity and friendship. All qualities you want associated with you!

Pink Orchid Plant Realtor Closing Housewarming Gift Delivered to China

Pink Orchid Plant Delivered to China

Send Christmas Gifts to Clients Living in China

Interestingly, in the past few weeks, we have also begun receiving specific requests about how to send Christmas gifts to clients in China. Many realtors actually calendar when their clients moved abroad and when they are expected to return. They continue to nurture the relationships by sending small holiday gifts every year. These gifts tend to be carefully thought through. They want their clients to know they are thinking about them but not seem overly eager. So this time they skip the Dom Perignon in favor of a lovely poinsettia or even a Christmas morning gift mug. Although not inexpensive, gift marketing is relationship building and is definitely worth the investment.

Poinsettia Plant Delivered to China

Poinsettia Plant Delivered to China

Christmas Morning Gift Mug Delivered to China

Christmas Morning Gift Mug Delivered to China

And finally, any gift that screams Joyous Christmas Tidings will always be appreciated especially when packaged in red. Red is not only one of the primary colors associated with Christmas, it also represents happiness, joy and luck in China. Plus, this particular selection of goodies will quell any feelings of homesickness, at least for a bit.

Joyous Tidings Realtor Holiday Gift Delivered in China

Joyous Tidings Realtor Holiday Gift Delivered in China

And we saved the best for last. Be sure to use coupon code AF2 to save 5% on your order on Gift Baskets Overseas. Although it is not much, every little bit helps! And remember, they ship everywhere and anywhere. So we highly recommend taking advantage of their expertise. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish!

A little thanks goes a long way!

How to Send Housewarming & Holiday Gifts to China RECG

Summary: Everything you ever wanted to know about sending real estate client closing gifts, housewarming & holiday gifts to China.


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